Transition: friendly, approachable and very, very flexible.

Transition: an e-learning company that's friendly, approachable and very, very flexible.

At Transition, we're not trying to be the biggest. What matters to us is quality - we're motivated by providing the best e-learning software, courses and services.

Transition is not like most other e-learning companies - and this is something we cherish.

The perfect size

We're big enough to cope with the largest of e-learning programmes, but small enough for organisations to call and speak directly to an e-learning practitioner. Not a salesperson or account manager, but someone who's directly planned, developed and implemented global e-learning programmes. Now isn't that a refreshing change?

We get on with the job

We're practical too: we don't posture or intimidate by spouting acres of jargon, acronyms and buzzwords. We're helpful, direct, plain-speaking and friendly. We're not a new kid on the block: our team has delivered learning solutions for over twenty years, and e-learning since the uptake of the Internet.

We've developed and delivered all sizes of e-learning solutions, including projects which have won international awards. Our customers tell us that we can cut through the e-learning hype and are like a breath of fresh air to work with.

We've worked with organisations of all sizes (not just mega corporations), because we believe that e-learning can work for everyone.

We're one of a kind, with an individual, refreshing style which our customers like. We listen. We're objective. We're experienced. We provide e-learning which gets real results.