Case study:
Baker Hughes.

Drilling for success ā€“ and hitting knowledge-management gold

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Hughes Christensen is one of the world's leading oil and gas-drilling tool providers (and part of Fortune 500 corporation Baker Hughes).


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Each drilling situation is new and different. Decisions need to be made quickly, and making the wrong decision can mean the loss of massive sums of money. What's needed is instant access to hard-won experience, information and expertise. The problem is that this expertise is locked in the heads of individuals around the globe.

Hughes Christensen had tried before to access this information. Nigel Meany, director of engineering services at Hughes, explains: "We ended up with a manual the size of a telephone directory, which, like all reference books, was destined to sit on the shelf, unused."

Transition provided the answer in the form of a knowledge-sharing tool called 'Drilling Performance Guidelines'. Using this tool, experts publish and share their hard-won knowledge - and access the knowledge of others. The system is flexible, with users actively encouraged to challenge the knowledge stored there: "The project team meets three times a year to update and refine the system as new knowledge comes to light. So we have a live, up-to-date source of knowledge."


Our results

The provision of this expert knowledge quickly became a core part of Hughes' business proposition in the form of the company's new 'OASIS' consultancy services. This has provided customers with some highly impressive returns on investment, and savings of several millions of dollars.

So impressed are Hughes' customers with the Drilling Performance Guidelines system that many of them have asked for access to it, or even to license it themselves.

And Transition's solution also picked up a global award for 'Greatest Business Impact'.