Case study:
University of Petrosani.

Delivering Distance Learning to Romanian students

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In 2010 the Romanian University of Petrosani obtained EU funding to:

  • Update their technology infrastructure for learning
  • Extend their curriculum with online courses
  • Allow collaboration between students and tutors

A Romanian company, Memory Computers of Hunedoara, was contracted to carry out the three year project. They in turn approached Transition Associates to work with them.


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Memory Computers were required to implement a collaborative e-learning authoring and management framework for the university so that it could deliver distance learning to its students. The solution that they designed and built comprised:

Transition was responsible for the supply, integration and training of CourseMill for Websphere Portal and Lectora to Memory Computers as the prime contractor and service provider to the university. This also involved customising the user interface and translating it into Romanian.


Our results

However, in many respects this project is not about the technology, it is about the development of a new business model for education, and this implies changes in thinking. The university is approaching this wisely - it is focused on making steady progress and delivering a high quality service to its students. Now, thanks to Memory Computers and Transition, it is equipped with the best tools available to develop its curriculum. The university's initial focus has been on courses for Finance and Marketing, continued course content development, maximising course delivery process, marketing and the enrolment of students to the new online courses.