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MD. Consultant. Visionary. Miles spends his days chatting with clients, helping them to work through problems and suggesting solutions. He knows everything you might ever need to about gamification, interactive video, mobile learning – you name it. He’s the guy you need to tell you what you need.


When not taking the elearning world by storm, Miles can usually be found with his family, going sailing or enjoying a meal in a quality restaurant.

by Ashleigh

DB is our Projects Director (and resident techie person!). He has his fingers in an array of pies, from overseeing many of our projects to running creative workshops. He’s a veritable Wikipedia on LMSs and all things Javascript. Always up for a game of Guess-The-Movie-Score, he also has a great arm for encouraging insects out of the office! He loves walks with wife Jane, playing bass in his band, and his annual trips to Tanzania to support pastors.

by Krissy

Kristen Featherstone, at the pinnacle of elearning creation. This ex-storm chaser is feared by all computer bugs, but they should really get to know her first, as she’s a bustling bundle of bubbling beauty whose infectious laugh echoes throughout the office on an hourly basis.

She daily deals with support queries and creates courses, as well as zooming around the country to run Lectora training courses.

by Jack

Pinball wizard, Lego modeller, graphic designer, Lectora king. Not yet 25, Jack has always seen the world through a digital lens. His mission is to make learning easy to use, rewarding and engaging - no more boring click-next courses once he’s involved, and happy learners every time!


He’s loyal and persevering, though these qualities are regularly tested by West Ham FC, his guilty pleasure. But he bounces back from disappointment every Monday, the ultimate team player.


by Miles

Ashleigh is a hugely talented creative writer and highly efficient organiser who keeps us all on the straight and narrow with her patient and chilled approach.  She is a key member of the team, managing projects, adding to our instructional design capacity and producing thought-provoking blogs.


When not working, Ashleigh is most often found with her nose in a book, working on her own creative writing projects or helping to lead the youth work in her local church.

by Anne

Everything Anne touches seems to come to life. She's a skilled painter, a passionate runner, and one of the most naturally gifted and cheerful accountants we have ever met.


As well as handling our day-to-day finance, Anne spends her time leading projects and coming up with new design ideas for courses.

by Miles

Jeff's first toy was (perhaps) a Sinclair ZX, and he's never looked back. He has a unique ability to develop web applications which make people's lives easier and more productive; and he won't deliver anything but the best. Jeff is a committed fan of Tottenham Hotspurs, and a lover of theme parks.


by David

Bill is everything graphics. He has an impressive array of created works in an equally impressive range of media. From online to paper and 3D, Bill can take the lifeless and dull and transform it into an engaging delight that wows the senses!


Having a unique sense of humour, much laughter ensues when he is in the office. Bill enjoys living on the coast which fires his imagination for new creations.

by Krissy

Outtakes are pioneers in ‘real people’ films for health and safety training, often shooting footage in clients’ workplaces. Their films have an authenticity that their intended audience can easily relate to.

We are partners because of our shared vision and ideas, and because we get along well and have a laugh! We believe passionately in the power of interactive film for more than just training; it works equally well for promotional, educational and documentary films.

by Miles

"Transition continues to be a pleasure to work with. They have been consistently professional, approachable and responsive throughout."


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