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This is one of those features that got added into Lectora while we were in the middle of a busy project. I had a cursory glance at it and because I co...

Have you ever created a great e-learning course but find out that your test is not sending its results?

This is an all too common issue encountered in...

One of the great features of Lectora is being able to randomise your tests. This gives you the ability to 'shake it up a bit' when it comes to a cours...

One of Lectora's powerful features is its error checking of the course when you publish it.

Lectora does a publish check before doing a full publish, a...

If your course is to be loaded to a Learning Management System (LMS) that tracks the outcome of your course - e.g. the lesson status and scores - ther...

Moved your Lectora title, got loads of errors when trying to open it and then all your images disappear? Got a deadline to meet and thinking, "Right t...

Ever wondered what those bits of text are that appear when you hover over images or buttons in a browser? Don't know what they’re there for or how to...


Hack: Customise Lectora’s default swipe action to the device being used.

Problem - and solution

We have a set of courses which are designed to be used...


Hack: save a bookmark for a page in a course and then jump back to that page later, from anywhere else in the course.

Why I needed this hack:

  • I want...

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