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Our previous blog gives some excellent reasons why you would use video, or interactive video, for learning. But the elearning world is buzzing about V...


Why video?

Here are 3 reasons why you should use video in learning - though there are many more.

Firstly, video is a medium that naturally...


On your quest to create incredible microlearning, you will encounter many dangers. Heed our warnings to reach your goal unscathed.

What we mean when we...


Dear Learner,

We know how busy you are. You’ve got a job, a family, a social life, and a pressing biological need to sleep. There are only 24 hours in...


Kirkpatrick’s Learning Evaluation Model is a framework for evaluating the impact of your training.

Have a look at our microlearning pieces on Instagram...

White space.

Too much or too little, that is the question.

Too much white space - the story

While working on a project that was in its final stages of te...


Hack: Customise Lectora’s default swipe action to the device being used.

Problem - and solution

We have a set of courses which are designed to be used...


Hack: save a bookmark for a page in a course and then jump back to that page later, from anywhere else in the course.

Why I needed this hack:

  • I want...


Good instructional design is a process.

Continual reassessment and refinement is key to delivering an ever-improving learner experience, and to seeing...

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