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  • Duncan Brown

Modern Training & Induction Techniques: Film, Apps, VR

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

A J Morrisroe are involved in complex building projects that rely on everyone working on specific technical tasks - a situation that creates a series of management challenges. Skilled tradespeople are keen to get on with their work once on-site, and Morrisroe is responsible for both the quality of their work and the general health and safety of the workplace.

Morrisroe needed a means to consistently show their staff and contractors the standards and expectations of how they would approach each task on-site. They created an app that allows access to these anywhere, with no room for misinterpretation.

Hakim Nazerali (Head of HSEQ) and his team were aware that their safety rules and methods had to be delivered promptly and easily. "Interactive videos and tests provided further benefit by recording that our workers understood our standards and expectations, and could pass an assessment prior to working on high risk activities."

How we helped

Morrisroe chose to create an app containing a suite of linear and interactive films, designed to be mobile, realistic and to test the viewer. The information from their Standards documents and existing PowerPoint presentations formed the basis of the 17 short technical films we produced in conjunction with their subject matter experts. All the films, as many as 5 per day, were shot on working sites using Morrisroe employees and contractors for added authenticity.

Film topics included abrasive wheels, site access & egress, concrete, COSHH, dumpers, dust, edge protection, excavations, work at height equipment, manual handling, MEWPs, noise & vibration, raft slabs, striking, work areas, & work at height.

Interactive films were developed to enhance the user experience further, using invisible hotspots to test hazard-spotting skills and awareness. A successful spot activates a pop-up window with a reiteration of the learning point. This interactivity helped Morrisroe engage learners in essential topics such as noise, lifting, storage & unloading.

Interactivity and gameplay in 360VR also helped to engage and motivate learners. Techniques such as hotspots, sound, quizzes and the immersive effect of 360 footage are used in this example. Leaderboards, badges, branching scenarios and more can also encourage people to keep learning and give them a sense of achievement as they do so.


Embedding films in the app allows all viewers to learn best practice on a large variety of topics anytime, anywhere, on any device. Over a hundred contractors have been successfully inducted, with their proficiency tested on generic and specialist topics.

At a typical on-site induction, the relevant films (typically 1-3 minutes in length) are shown to the contractors and they then take an online test on an inexpensive tablet. Using tablets and real footage helps viewers to quickly engage with the learning - within just a few frames they understand where they are and what they are required to do.

Failure to pass the test denies them site access, but a pass is recorded digitally and the individual is free to work in their specialism on all Morrisroe sites. All the results are stored in a digital record, creating an invaluable resource for compliance and, in the process, saving induction time and money. A thoroughly modern digital approach that has been very well received.