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Creativity that inspires, learning that delivers

Understanding your goals

Elearning Goals

Only a wanderer arrives at a destination without planning. For learning to truly succeed, to get where it needs to go, it must be directed towards clear objectives.


Some of the most important work we do is at the outset of a learning project. We listen to clients in depth, understanding not only what they are trying to achieve but also the challenges they face. As experienced analysts, we work with organisations to build a comprehensive picture of their destination – and the path to it.


We assume nothing and take nothing for granted. Open ears and open minds allow us to take from the client a brief where little is taken for granted and agreed goals inform all subsequent steps.

Planning for success

The project brief forms a solid foundation for planning – defining the practical steps which translate ‘where you want to go’ into ‘how we can help take you there’.


We plan and agree on all major parts of the learning programme – from the type of content and media used, to delivery mechanisms and required measurement metrics and tools. Our plan consciously takes organisations from where they are to where they need to be, blending creative flair with dependable project management.


We are not prescriptive. Our clients are partners in the planning process, taking our ideas and recommendations and feeding back in an honest, creative exchange.

Elearning planning

Creating captivating learning

Creative Elearning

At the point where learners meet the learning, plans, goals and objectives fade away. What counts most is capturing and keeping their attention. 


Creativity: that powerful force that’s part science and part courage. The ‘science’ is ensuring that creativity is informed and directed towards goals. The ‘courage’ is finding powerful, striking, different and even fun ways to connect with the learning audience.

Whatever the mode of learning – blended, games, storytelling, scenarios, microlearning, elearning, video, 360-degree virtual reality – we strive to create learning with verve; learning that delights, excites, captivates and ultimately delivers.

Delivering skills and knowledge

Our many years of proven learning delivery – across all learning modes – underpin each and every project we undertake. 


Once the project is rolling, nothing beats a safe pair of hands – and Transition has built a well-deserved reputation for trouble-free learning project delivery. We’re proactive and ‘own the project’ from first conversation until final measurement – and beyond.


From reaching dispersed communities of learners, to integrating detailed learning analytics with almost any learning management system, we take care of the personal and the technical with equal dependability.

Deliver Elearning

Measuring outcomes

Elearning Outcome

Every great story comes full circle and, for a learning programme, the story comes full circle when outcomes meet objectives.

With learning directed towards specific goals, using agreed measurement metrics and processes, outcomes can be tracked with precision and rigour.

Our goal is to help achieve the meaningful. Worthwhile outcomes are more than a tick in a box. They’re change, to a more desired state. They’re benefits you can realise. They’re what comes only from real Transition.

About Transition

For over twenty years Transition has worked with large and small organisations across the world, to deliver innovative, successful digital learning programmes. We work in pretty much every industry sector, producing learning on almost any topic, for people in almost every walk of life. Millions of learners, in thousands of companies, across hundreds of countries.

We are delighted. We see this as the beginning of a fruitful partnership the responsiveness shown and the willingness to take ownership of the situation was immensely reassuring.