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Equipping you with the tools to succeed

Includes Silver and Gold suites

  • Lectora® Online

  • Lectora® Desktop

  • ReviewLink™

  • AssetLibrary

  • In-app Access

  • Full Access

  • CenarioVR®

Includes Silver suite

  • Lectora® Online

  • Lectora® Desktop

  • ReviewLink™

  • AssetLibrary

  • In-app Access

  • Full Access

Getting you started

  • Lectora® Online​

  • ReviewLink™​

  • AssetLibrary

  • In-app Access

Download the full suite comparison PDF


Online authoring tool


Upload any 360° image or video. Then select your starting scene to add questions, hotspots, and interactivity.

Engage learners by adding conditional branching with varied outcomes, timed objects, actions, linked scenes, quizzes, multimedia, and hot spots with info cards.

Easily publish to SCORM formats, xAPI, cmi5, and HTML. Or, publish courses to your LMS, authoring app, mobile device, or nearly any headset.

Access content on the web, mobile devices, Lectora/authoring apps, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Focus, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, cardboard headsets, and more!

Authoring tool


You don’t need any programming knowledge to use Lectora – it’s a powerful authoring tool that’s incredibly simple to use.


Lectora’s arsenal contains everything you need for professional-quality course development. Responsive Course Design, meaning you only build once for every device; BranchTrack integration, allowing you to produce branching scenarios; xAPI support, so you can gather meaningful data; the list goes on.


The interface is incredibly intuitive, and with additional tools such as the quiz wizard, BranchTrack, Screen capture, Video editor, and the Asset Library, you’ll be building superb content from day one.


Online review tool


We know from experience that the review process can be the most painful part of elearning creation. But Reviewlink makes it easy.


This online review tool provides one place for all of your stakeholders to go and comment. You can publish to ReviewLink from Lectora, Storyline, and Captivate, and version control is handled for you.


If you want, reviewers can see each other's comments, avoiding conflicting or repeated feedback. Reviewers can highlight or annotate directly onto the page, meaning you always know exactly what they're talking about. And all comments can be downloaded, so even when you remove a course you won't lose any feedback.​


Reviewlink takes the pain out of content review. Why do it any other way? 

Templates and assets


Jumpstart your designs with this library of over 120 million templates and assets.


You can build an entire course in minutes using the Course Starter templates, which feature built-in xAPI statements and tons of accessibility legwork already done for you.


You’ll also find tons of layouts to mix and match, cutout characters for every industry, and stock images to help you hit the right note with your learners. Increase engagement with videos and sound effects and add style with editable icon sets.


Scenario creator tool


Design, create and deliver engaging scenario-based e-learning in your browser. This tool allows you to create a scenario where the user’s choices matter. Every choice can take the user down a different path, and you can track and score every step. BranchTrack works with Lectora and almost any other e-learning software.



We've helped hundreds of people get more from Lectora, whether they're absolute beginners or confident working on complicated interactions. Whatever your level of experience, we have something to offer you.


We deliver our training in whatever format works best for you. That might mean a day of one-on-one, fast-track training; a class for a group of 4 or more; or online coaching during your project. Our trainers are our developers, so you'll be getting first-hand knowledge from experienced practitioners of shortcuts, workarounds and best practices.




Finding your way around all the features in any piece of software can be frustrating. Perhaps it feels like there's an intricate web of technology just waiting to trip you up.


Sometimes you just need a helping hand - some expert advice from the people who've already battled your demons and won. We are always on call to offer advice, to wrestle with a thorny issue for you, or to show you how something can be done.

Having worked with Lectora since 2003, we know these tools inside out. If you're looking for a UK-based company which licenses, supports, trains or develops content in Lectora, we should be your first choice.

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