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Digital learning that’s exciting , memorable and effective

Digital learning

A course developed to help improve the supply process for a major manufacturing brand. Often suppliers know about the correct process, but fail to adhere to it. This course is packed with activities that aim to challenge assumptions and highlight why the standard process matters.

Supplier Improvement

Animated video

Inclusive design is design that works for everybody. This short demo video outlines key principles of inclusive design, while also demonstrating them through use of colour, audio, and transcript. The full 3 min video also includes subtitles.


Inclusive design

Interactive 360VR

A demo produced in CenarioVR, sharing tips for saving energy at home. In this interaction you can explore a custom built 3D model to identify the points where energy could be saved. 

Mock Up v2.png
Energy Saving Tips
Health Safety Security Training Elearning Video 360 VR

Mobile video and 360VR

With the aim to engage a multi-national audience in vital health, safety and security information, we created a series of short films, some interactive, all shot on location in store. Designed for mobile, 40% of the audience completed the training within the first month of deployment. This project was a joint venture, led by our friends at Video Interact.

Health Safty Security

Responsive digital learning

This introduction to the field of gemmology is an accredited course, suited to the hobbyist and to those seeking qualifications for the workplace. It's a responsive course that can be completed in bite-size chunks on any device.


Product Launch Training Elearning

Digital learning

A series of courses to train sales staff about the key features of new car, motorbike and power products. These enable staff to quickly and coherently present the key features and benefits of a new model to potential customers.

Product Launch
Debt Advice

Responsive digital learning

An introduction to the job for new debt advisers. With panel discussions, interviews and many stories and scenarios from experienced advisers, the user is taught practical and valuable information to get them started in the world of debt advice.

Multiple choice question

Interactive 360VR

Leading supply chain company, Wincanton, approached our friends at Video Interact to make some innovative 360VR training for them around the three situations that they have identified as the key risk areas in depots and during deliveries. We partnered with Video Interact to produce this interactive solution.


Explainer videos

A series of short animated videos introducing new starters to key areas of the organisation. These videos replaced 6 hours of induction training run by department leads - saving time for them, and for the new starters!

Company induction
Rescue Training 360 VR Elearning

Interactive 360VR

Experience an emergency rescue operation, learning more about the rescue process via expert testimonials and on-screen augments. Knowledge is reinforced with quick quizzes and the user’s progress is recorded, scored and displayed to give a sense of progression. We produced this piece with our friends at Video Interact.

Rescue Training

Digital learning

These internationally recognised and accredited qualifications are presented in a series of refreshing and accessible online courses. Combining clear, rigorous instruction with challenging interactive assessments, these courses are changing the face of accountancy teaching worldwide.

Accounting Training Elearning
Workshop induction
Workshop Training Elearning

Digital learning

A workshop health and safety course designed to test and reinforce the workers’ knowledge of the company’s safety rules and regulations. Additional posters were produced and placed around the workshop to provide a quick, visual reminder of the course content.

Explainer videos

These films are designed to show, in detail, the correct procedure for donning and doffing PPE in care settings to prevent the transmission of infection.

PPE Training Elearning Video
Donning PPE
Driver Training Elearning

Interactive video

Filmed live by our friends at Video Interact, this night time drive through London tests the hazard spotting prowess of the viewer. Other traffic, pedestrians and cyclists come and go throughout this driver’s point-of-view piece. We created a complete package with gamification including a pass/fail mark and penalties for random clicking.

Driver training

Digital learning

An online certification test to become a new business owner. A flowing page style, lockable sections and an assessment ensured that the user had consumed all information and was qualified for their new role.

Online Qualification Training Elearning
Online qualification 2
Marketing Recruitment 360 VR


NASC wanted something to excite young attendees at a careers fair about the prospect of working in scaffolding. Throughout the event, people joined the queue for their opportunity to put on the headset and experience this 360VR drone flight around an enormous, intricate scaffold on a stately home – mission accomplished! Another successful joint venture with our friends at Video Interact.

Marketing and recruitment
Marketing finance

Explainer video

Built to market one of ACCA’s online qualifications to would-be accountants across the world, this video quickly and concisely explores the key features of the qualification. Its message has reached more than four thousand individuals to date.

Marketing Finance Video
Museum Tour 360 VR

Interactive 360VR

This 360VR tour, a joint venture with our friends at Video Interact, showcases the new Stirling Prize nominated building at Chatham Historic Dockyard. The viewer can explore the exhibition rooms, answer questions and watch interviews with the architect, museum director and the structural engineer.



Transition is an accomplished provider of a wide range of digital learning solutions, including:

360-degree virtual reality

Blended learning


Formative knowledge checks

Job aids and Infographics

Learning games


Storytelling and Scenarios

Summative assessments

Video learning


Digital Learning

A digital learning specialist for over twenty years, Transition combines a bold creative spirit with dependable business expertise.


We’re clear-thinking, focused, practical and straight-talking. Working across most industry sectors, right around the world, we create work that both delights and delivers.


We help clients work out where they want to go – and then take them there via outstanding digital learning journeys.

Sector leading video learning

Working with our friends at Video Interact, we produce linear, interactive and 360-degree video learning.


We delight in pushing the technical boundaries of what’s possible, and approach each project with a creative flair – resulting in outstanding video learning that truly sparkles.


Our work delivers tangible results too – such as a 400% return on investment and a 55% reduction in thefts for a global retailer. 


If you require VR or Interactive film, please visit Video Interact.

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