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Interactive film and VR
for training, education
and everything else



What is
Video Interact?

We produce high quality, interactive film and 360VR for training, education, promotion and just about anything else.


We have a wealth of experience creating and delivering engaging content for mobile, tablet, PC and VR headsets.


We do everything for you and with you – planning, scriptwriting, filming, editing, adding interactions, hosting, tracking and analytics – to give you exactly what you want and need.


Our process is quick and precise ensuring you get a superb quality product on time and on budget.

Interactive film

We have been working with interactive film for almost 10 years. Our unique technology allows us to track people, objects and environments, recording data to analyse responses, registrations, scores and results which can be integrated with your own systems.


Interactive 360VR

Because we create 360VR in film, the process of creating a VR experience is faster, more realistic* and has incredibly good value.

*because it's real!


Anywhere we place a camera can be transformed into VR. Using 360 footage, imagery and iconography, we can create a fully recordable interactive VR experience to engage and challenge your audience.

VR functions:

Completely immersive, realistic filmed
360 environment


Making learning fun, memorable and applicable


Interactive 360VR

Opportunistic theft

Filmed 360VR is ideal for placing the viewer right in the middle of a situation. In this example, the store staff have made a number of mistakes, the task is to find them all before an opportunistic thief can take advantage.


Interactive 360VR

Marketing - museum tour

A 360VR tour of the new Stirling Prize nominated building at Chatham Historic Dockyard. The viewer can explore the exhibition rooms, answer questions and watch interviews with the architect, museum director and the structural engineer.


Interactive 360VR

Rescue training

Experience an emergency rescue operation, learning more about the rescue process via expert testimonials and on-screen augments. Knowledge is reinforced with quick quizzes and the user’s progress is recorded, scored and displayed to give a sense of progression.


Discover our full showcase...

All filmed material is created in partnership with Outtakes unless stated otherwise. Together we create pioneering interactive and 360VR training and marketing experiences, when you commission Transition you benefit from this long-standing relationship and our joint expertise.

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