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What's happening in the world of digital learning?

  • Ashleigh Hull

What's It All For?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Have we forgotten that learning is about the learner?

That's the main thought I came away from the Learning Technologies conference with this year. It stemmed from several different stands I visited and seminars I attended. I realised that the things that stood out to me, the things I got really excited about, were the things that put the learner back at the centre of our attention.

Our learners are busy. They expect their attention to be won within seconds, and resent having to give time to things that don't actually help them.

So why are we still insisting on churning out long, boring courses that we wouldn't even want to take ourselves?

Where's the elearning that cuts straight to the heart of the issue, rather than dragging it out?

Where's the elearning that's conversational and easy to digest?

Where's the elearning that can truly be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device?

Where's the elearning that's just fun?

Where are the stories? The characters? The games?

Learning is about the learner. It's not about numbers, or technology, or platforms. It's about people. Every decision we make should have our learners at the heart of it. Our focus should be, must be, them.

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