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CenarioVR® Rockstar of the Year

Jack Gayler accepting his award with John Blackmon, ELB at Learning Technologies 2022.
Jack Gayler accepting his award from John Blackmon of ELB at Learning Technologies 2022

Our own Jack Gayler has become the first ever CenarioVR® Rockstar of the Year!!

This award is an international recognition of skill and creativity using CenarioVR®. Jack has won it for his work on Fendi and NHS (Health Education England) - you can see examples of that work in our showcase and on

Of course this work was produced by our multidisciplinary team, but Jack's role as the learning designer and developer were crucial to the success and quality of these products.

Here's what he had to say:

"This award is a real honour. I've been working with CenarioVR® since its Beta launch and it's great to be recognised with this award, especially with so many other talented developers out there.

Obviously, I couldn't do it without my excellent team. The amazing camera and directorial work from Outtakes (our Video Interact partner) make every piece of film, both 360 and standard, immersive and engaging.

I'm really excited to see the tool grow with new features and updates on the horizon. The CenarioVR® community is continually growing and I've spoken and given demos to many people interested in its capabilities.

Every client we’ve used CenarioVR® with has been amazed by the experience, technology and results we produce."

We're very proud of our Mr Gayler! And we look forward to many new exciting projects with CenarioVR® - could yours be one of them?


If you have any questions, are interested in us producing CenarioVR® content for you, or would like a live product demo, please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


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