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  • Ashleigh Hull

Introducing: Transition's Easter Games

We thought we'd spread some Easter joy this year, so we've built a couple of games for you. Have fun!

Think you know Easter egg hunts? Think again. Join Lee as he faces his greatest challenge yet.

(Haven't met Lee before? You can find his story on Instagram @transitionassociates)

Or test your knowledge with our Easter quiz. Can you reach the top of the leaderboard?


Hopefully, Lee's story engages you. Stories get our emotions involved. You care about succeeding at this quest; you're motivated to try and solve the riddle at the end. And this is what makes stories such a great tool in learning.

Did you learn something from the quiz? You can use elements of gamification in learning, even basic things like time limits and leaderboards. But make sure you do it right.

That's all from us for now - if you'd like to know more about how we built these games, or what we could build for you, use the form below to get in touch. Happy Easter!

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