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  • Ashleigh Hull

The Upgrade We've Been Waiting For

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Maybe you never even knew you were waiting. I certainly didn’t. But as it turns out, we all were - waiting, hoping, dreaming, that someday this might come to pass...

Responsive Course Design in Lectora

*audience gasps*

Put simply, responsive design means that your content is responsive to the device that's being used to view it. There's no more need to test your course on a myriad of devices to see if it fits, and hope that your learners are using one of them. Now you just build one course, and it fits all.

How does it work in practice?

You build the course in your traditional desktop view. Responsive Design titles have a ribbon called the responsive bar, and you can use this to switch between different views as you build - desktop, tablet, and smartphone, in landscape and portrait. The content automatically adjusts for each view - themes, layouts, all automatic. Tablet and phone views will scale to fit the dimensions of the screen; desktop views will centre if the browser width is greater than the view width, and scale if the browser width is smaller. Images/videos/buttons are scaled automatically. Text block widths are scaled and heights adjusted - your text isn't shrunk.

And should this not sound like heaven, you can of course individually customise every view.

And should even this not sound like heaven, you can still create traditional titles, just like you always have.

And then if you change your mind and want your course to be responsive, you can easily convert it, just like you can convert all your current courses.

So. You no longer need to design for screen width. Now you just design for device type - desktop, tablet, and smartphone - and orientation.

With an active maintenance contract, you'll get this for free! Wahoo!! This new wonder has just been released in Lectora Online, and will arrive on desktop in early 2016, so watch this space, friends. Watch. This. Space.

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