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  • Kristen Featherstone

Love Lectora: Submitting Test Results

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Have you ever created a great e-learning course but find out that your test is not sending its results?

This is an all too common issue encountered in creating tests and usually has to do with whether you use the standard test buttons or your own.

When creating a test you are given four standard buttons as part of the test; 'back', 'next', 'cancel' and 'ok'. While these are simple in design and 'do the job', they might not fit in with the design of your course.

So you decide not to use the buttons and delete them and add your own navigation buttons that you are already using in the course. You publish the course and find that your results page and Learning Management System remains devoid of any sort of results from the test.

'ARGH!' you cry! (after hours of testing and no results).

Don't worry, the solution is simple.

On the last question page of your test the ‘ok’ button that was there had an action on it that submits the test results. To add this back in, go to the Inherit settings under Page Properties and disinherit the 'next' or 'forward' button (whatever you have called the 'go to the next page' button). Take a copy of this button and paste it onto the page. In the Action tab of the button set it to the following:

Action: ProcessTest/Survey

Target: The name of your test

Once this is in place, your test results are processed on the click of that button.


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