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  • Ashleigh Hull

Case Study: Finance

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Debt advisers equipped to make a real difference

The Problem:

Wiseradviser provides training for debt advisers, who in turn give free, independent advice to people with debt problems.

The work that Wiseradviser does means that there is one consistent body of training for many money advice services, including the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Money Advice Service.

Wiseradviser needed some learning about the Consumer Credit Act, to ensure that their advisers were up-to-speed and could offer the best and most-informed advice.

How We Helped:

We built 6 courses for Wiseradviser about different aspects of the Consumer Credit Act.

We decided that the most efficient way to run these projects would be to develop 2 courses at once, staggering the second 2 weeks behind the first. This meant that we could develop course number 2 while course number 1 was in a review cycle, and our friends at Wiseradviser could then review course number 2 while we worked on their feedback for course number 1. It meant things kept moving.

"Transition were increasingly anticipating our needs," said our Wiseradviser contact, "so the number of issues were reducing as the project progressed. This was very apparent in [the] final stage as everything ran smoothly throughout and as planned."

Our biggest challenge was the content itself; financial legislation isn't the most exciting subject. We made the courses visually interesting, and added interactions to keep learners engaged. "Storyboarding has consistently been one of Transition's strengths; the ability to take sometimes quite complex information and turn it into a user-friendly piece of elearning is admirable."

In the end, the most notable thing about this project was not actually the work itself, but the relationship that developed between our team and the team at Wiseradviser. Our regular project calls were a great facilitator of this; particularly towards the end of the project, when the only work-related thing we had to say ("everything's running according to plan") only took up the first minute of the call!

The Result:

Hundreds of debt advisors are now better equipped to do their jobs and pass their knowledge on to thousands of people.

96% of students said these courses met objectives well or very well!


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