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  • Ashleigh Hull

Case Study: Manufacturing

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Health & safety compliance that's actually memorable

The Problem:

Arjowiggins is a leading producer of paper products. They started up in Kent in 1770, and are now based at a large industrial site in Aberdeen.

Hundreds of contractors visit this site every year. Arjowiggins need each of these contractors to undergo health & safety training, and they need records of these safety inductions.

How We Helped:

With our partners at Video Interact we built Arjowiggins an interactive video. The video shows how contractors are expected to act on-site and how they should respond in certain situations. It contains interactive hotspots, used in hazard spotting exercises and knowledge checks.

It’s accessible anywhere, on any device, and there’s no LMS – instead, contractors self-register. This means that contractors can complete their induction training on their own device before they arrive on site. All pass/fails are recorded, and all data is handled using Tin Can (xAPI).

The Result:

Since contractors can complete induction training before arriving on site, the time it takes for them to access the site has been significantly reduced.

Contractors are fully engaged in the unique requirements and safety aspects of Arjowiggins’ site.


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