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  • Ashleigh Hull

Case Study: Pharmaceutical

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Enabling a business to do what they do best

The Problem:

We’ve been working with Compliance Hub since they were established in 2010. Compliance Hub are the UK’s foremost provider of compliance services to the pharmaceutical industry; they help organisations to stay compliant with the stringent and complex laws surrounding the promotion of medicines to healthcare professionals.

One of the ways Compliance Hub does this is through elearning; both standard, subscription-based courses and bespoke courses.

When they were starting up, Compliance Hub chose Lectora as their authoring tool, and needed training and support as they found their feet with it. As the company's business evolved, they recognised the need for a comprehensive learning management system to host their elearning, and they chose CourseMill Wave for this purpose.

How We Helped:

Our relationship with Compliance Hub has evolved with their business.

It began with us providing the Lectora training they needed, and then remaining on call to help resolve any particularly tricky issues or to create templates for courses.

Recently, we have helped Compliance Hub upgrade to CourseMill 7.5, opening up a new world of mobile learning opportunities for their clients.

Nowadays, we create bespoke custom content with the Compliance Hub team; sometimes refreshing the design of old content, and other times working on something brand new.

The Result:

Our long-term relationship means we’ve built up a lot of trust. Compliance Hub know they can rely on us, and as a result, their own clients can rely on them. We’re proud to have helped Compliance Hub to become the premier compliance consultancy in the pharmaceutical sector.


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