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  • Kristen Featherstone

Love Lectora: Lectora’s Course Folder Structure

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Moved your Lectora title, got loads of errors when trying to open it and then all your images disappear? Got a deadline to meet and thinking, "Right that's it! I've had enough of computers"?

Don't panic! When you create a new title, Lectora is clever in its organisation of files.

First, it creates a folder with the same name you have given your title. Then, as you start adding objects to your title - such as images - it begins to store these into sub-folders under the first folder that was created. As you add more and more objects into the title it will create more folders for you, organising all the different objects into the different folders. Here is a list of the types of sub-folders and files that can be generated - depending on what objects are added into the title. For this example my title is called 'Transport'.

  • Extern folder - contains any files that use the launch document action or additional files that are added from the Title Properties and Additional Files tab.

  • Images folder - contains all images, graphics and animations.

  • Media folder - contains audio and video files.

  • ~$Transport.awt - this is the auto save file that is created every 5 minutes by default.

  • Transport.awt - this is the file that will open your title in Lectora.

  • Transport.ini - this is a configuration settings file that is automatically created.

If you have already published your course you will also see the publish folder e.g. html, scorm etc.

If you move just the Lectora file (ie the Transport.awt file) and not the folders, Lectora will give you an error on opening about missing resources, and that it can't find certain items. This is because the folders it created to store all the objects that are in the course are no longer with the main file, and therefore it cannot find them and display them in the title.

To rectify this problem, either move the main Lectora file back to where it came from, or move the entire folder (ie the containing folder for all the files and folders above) to the desired location.

If you want to move the course and its files and folders, the best way to do this is to open the course and export it to a zip file from File>Export. The zip will contain everything you need to open up the course without any errors. Panic over and computers redeemed for another day!


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