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  • Kristen Featherstone

Love Lectora: Setting SCORM Functions

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

If your course is to be loaded to a Learning Management System (LMS) that tracks the outcome of your course - e.g. the lesson status and scores - there are certain things your LMS will be looking for. You will need the following as part of the course:

1. Add an assignable unit to the course This can be done by going to the Design tab and selecting Title Options. Select the option AICC and SCORM for LMS Published Title. This will add the AU (Assignable Unit) to the top of the course just under the Title. It also adds the variables needed in the following steps.

2. Add a scored test If you already have a scored test in your course, you can skip this step.

A scored test will set the AICC_Score variable automatically once the student has completed the test. If your course does not have a scored test this is not a problem, as you can add an action to set the score:

To add an action to set the AICC_Score: On: Show Action: Modify Variable Target: AICC_Score Value: choose a numeric value Modification Type: Set variable contents

3. Set the status of the lesson when the student has completed it You can add a lesson status to your course by modifying the AICC_Lesson_Status variable. This can be set to: - Completed - Incomplete - Passed - Failed These will need to be checked with your LMS vendor as they are specific to each LMS.

To add an action to set the AICC_Lesson_Status: On: Show Action: Modify Variable Target: AICC_Lesson_Status Value: as listed above Modification Type: Set variable contents

This action will need to be put in at the page level, so when the students have reached the end of the course or have gone through the test, the lesson status will only be modified when they hit that page. So for example, if you have a test that students can pass or fail, the action for the AICC_Lesson_Status with a value of 'passed' will go on the 'When completed/passed' page as set in the Test Properties. The action for the AICC_Lesson_Status with a value of 'failed' will go on the 'When failed/cancelled' page. If there is no test, then set the AICC_Lesson_Status action with a value of Completed, and put it where you consider the course to be complete.

4. Add an Exit Title/Close Window action Most LMSs provide an exit/close option making this action redundant, but it is needed for the publishing of AICC/SCORM courses. This action can be put on a button at the Title level. If you don’t want to use it, set the button size to 1 by 1 pixels and the position and size to 0, 0; then it’s practically invisible!


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